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Pelvic Tech

And now for those of you who are more tech savvy…. we will review DVD’s, apps, and vaginal fit bit devices:) Exercise DVD’s we like “HAB-IT”, a DVD that focuses on pelvic floor strengthening, which is typically for those with prolapse, postpartum moms, and stress urinary incontinence. You can also check out “Roll for Control: Exercises for Back, Balance, Bladder and Bowel” for pelvic floor uptraining as well. For those of you on the other end of the spectrum, we like

“Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain”, by Dustienne Miller which guides you through pelvic floor muscle relaxation and lengthening. Apps, we like is “protectometer”, an interactive app where patients can challenge themselves and overcome activities associated with chronic pain. There are a lot of vaginal fitbit devices on the market, but I have had personal experience with the K-Goal and Elvie. The K-goal offers tactile vibration and visual feedback of the app, however is larger in size (which can be a plus for the “stretched out vagina”). The Elvie, only provides visual feedback of the app, however is smaller in size, (which can be a plus for patients who have pain with insertion). I am all for technology, after one is assessed by a pelvic floor physical therapist. Devices have difficulty teaching coordination, timing and proper muscle patterning. Once patients are independent, and I am confident with their performance,

I am open to recommending various technology options for home programs.

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