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Support Garments

Support garments are a conservative way to reduce discomfort. I view support garments as a band-aid, they are wonderful and helpful, but often are not correcting the root problem. In physical therapy we will retrain your abdominal, pelvic floor, back and hip muscles to act as your natural corset and sling support system. Belts, garments and taping are not strong enough to shut off your muscles, however they can provide a little extra hand in assisting your muscles in the process. Sacroiliac instability belts are helpful when women feel relief with compression along belt area. I like the Serola belt (sturdy and easy to put on) and the Com-Pressor Belt (has 4 removable pieces to customize support). For women who feel more relief with their belly supported, I like the Best Cradle (Prenatal Cradle Ultimate Pregnancy Support). It lifts off the weight of the baby using a figure 8 belt around the belly and upper body. For pelvic heaviness I like good old Spanx, SRC recovery shorts, or EVB compression shorts. Products; little things can make a little difference, but hands on treatment, guided exercise and neuromuscular re-education + products can make a HUGE difference!

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